Now. . ..where can we find some electricity??

The decision was made to pull the electricity from upstairs because the brick fireplace and windows made it impossible to fish wire from the basement.

Drill with SUPER long attachment to make holes for the cable from upstairs to main level.

Pulling electrical from the crawl space on the 2nd floor. The wire is temporarily hanging off to the side out of the way.

Drilling holes in 2x4s to get wire to outlet location

Since the outlet cover plate was bigger than the blue outlet box, it needed to be positioned away from the wall with a small wooden spacer block.

Housing for the outlet installed

Thread cable through

Framing completed and wire was run to the outlet box.

Two electrical boxes and framing - why?

OOPS! We needed a box for the signal wires to run through as well!


Electrical complete

Another view of the electrical boxes

Ready to happily replace the rock lath with sheetrock

Insulation installed. Ready to happily replace the rock lath with Sheetrock.





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