The finished product – so exciting!

The finished product!

We have completely cleaned everything and we are happy to have more floor space.  The room feels a lot bigger without the cumbersome TV stand in the way.

Below features  great ways to rotate and extend the TV to view from different areas.


I can watch TV from the kitchen while cooking - extremely important!

Another view

Extends far out to get a better close up view - it also tilts down so you do not have to strain your neck while you watch.

Another view of the extension.

Are you wondering where we got our little table for our charging station/DVD & computer stand?  We just chopped off our original TV stand  and painted it white – perfect fit!  We did add little felt sticky pads to the bottom of the stand so it would not scratch the floor.

We had to find a new home for all this junk - the trash was were most of it went - it is amazing how much junk we keep that we don't use or need!



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